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We’re running the aforementioned Help(ing) Musicians panel in the morning conference. It’s named for the Help Musicians charity, as New Noise Shoreditch is raising money to help them. This panel will cover areas from DIY culture, and making the jump from emerging to established, as well as, playlisting, PR, branding, marketing, Social Media, and general advice for emerging musicians trying to make a name for themselves.

We’re running the aforementioned Sex Sells panel in the morning conference, and through it, we aim to draw attention to the way Sex is used both negatively and positively in the industry. There will be discussions on the sexualisation of people in the music industry, as well as on the flip side, sex-positive marketing and branding. We’re also going to be discussing the rise of fanbase-building sites such as OnlyFans and Patreon, as well as some gender-based discourse on the topic of sex in popular music lyrics themselves.

We’re running the aforementioned Music And The Senses panel in the morning conference, and will be using it to highlight the connection between all of the senses and music. We will be hosting discussions on synesthesia,  Sonic branding, opportunities for/against hearing-impaired/visually-impaired musicians, and the importance of hearing protection, as we believe these topics are rarely touched on in conjunction with popular music.

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We’re running the aforementioned Session Musicians panel in the morning conference, and will be using it to allow musicians like yourself to give advice to the aspiring session musicians at the conference. Discussions will include stories from the session world, as well as advice on how to network effectively in order to get into session work, any challenges you may face in the profession, how to set yourself apart from the rest, and the art of good practice.

As part of the conference, we’re hoping to run a production demonstration in the main room, where a renowned producer deconstructs one of their songs while giving the producers in our crowd some top tips and advice. We were really hoping that __ would be available for this part of the event.

As part of our networking initiative, we are aiming to fill the top floor of the Old Blue Last with industry professionals like yourself, from a variety of labels, companies and communities that would be most beneficial for our emerging artists to connect with. We’d really love it if you would consider joining us on April 4th and being a part of this.